Make Your Own Fringe Party Backdrop

Summer is birthday party season at our house. Four out of five of us have summer birthdays! I recently discovered a cool new craft tool— fringe scissors — so naturally, I decided to make a fringe party backdrop to use and reuse for all of the festivities. And guess what? It looks way harder to make than it actually is. The fringe scissors make the whole thing go quickly!
To make your own fringe party or photo background, you will need:
Cardstock (I bought this pack, but there are lots of other great color combos)
Tape runner (or glue stick, but really, the tape runner was so handy)
These scissors are so cool. They cut four or five fringy pieces in one swipe!
Step 1. Begin by cutting fringe along both long edges of the cardstock sheets. This step takes a long time, so turn on a movie to watch while you craft. I would also recommend spreading it out over a couple of days. I cut mine all at once and got a blister on my hand. Craft injuries are real my friends.
Step 2: Score a fold line (shown in pink) on each sheet of the fringed cardstock.

Step 3: Fold the fringe over on itself.
Step 4: Cut a piece (or several pieces) of butcher paper to the size you want your finished paper backdrop to be. Begin taping the fringe in rows across the paper.
Step 5: Trim off any excess butcher paper that might be sticking out around the edges.


And that’s all it takes to make your own DIY party backdrop. Just look at that fringy goodness. I mean, seriously cute, right?!


I threw a strawberry themed party and used this backdrop. It turned out pretty darn cute, if I do say so myself. You can see the whole party HERE. The triple layer ice cream cake was to die for.
There are so many fun ways you could adapt this idea for your own party theme. You could make one using glitter paper, do an ombre fade effect, or make it rainbow colors. Tons of options!
Happy crafting!


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