Make Your Own Scratch-Off Cards!

When I was a kid, I used to beg my mom to let me scratch the little silver circles off of ads and sweepstakes that came in the mail. I get the biggest kick out of that! Recently I saw an article at BHG about making your own scratch-off cards and I about died. I can make my own?! Of course I had to try it out to see if it really worked. And guess what? IT DOES! Wahoo!

I decided it would be fun to give my husband a scratch-off card for Valentine’s Day. Here’s what it looks like:

Under each heart is a different gift. I will give him whichever one he scratches off.

Materials Needed:

A Valentine’s Day card
Con-Tact paper
Acrylic paint
Liquid dish soap
Paint brush
Small paper cup or something to hold paint

Step 1: Prepare your Valentine card.

  I made mine in Photoshop and it took all of ten minutes. You could just as easily make one in Word. Print it out on cardstock.

Step 2: Cut a strip of Con-Tact paper big enough to make four hearts. Lay it on top of the hearts on your card and trace them onto the paper side of the Con-Tact paper.

Step 3: To make the special scratch-off paint, mix two parts acrylic paint with 1 part liquid dish soap. I just eyeballed the measurement.

Step 4: On the shiny side of the contact paper, paint a thin coat of the special paint to cover each heart. Let it dry, then add a second and third coat if needed. Remember, you don’t want to be able to see through the paint.

Step 5: Cut out the hearts following the lines you traced. Peel off the paper backing and place the sticker over the hearts on your card.

Step 6: Include a shiny new penny with the card so your Valentine will have something to scratch with!



  1. Love this lottery look 🙂 Another way to make this DIY easier is to use packing tape instead of contact paper! Then just use painters tape to mark off what shape you'd like.
    Thinking of using this for my boyfriend's birthday–a winning "lottery ticket"!

  2. This is how I'm going to tell family I'm pregnant. Now just need to get pregnant. I feel so guilty for "stealing" your ideas one day I hope I'm crafty enough to contribute and give you an idea thank you so much for this idea you are AMAZING. I'm telling everyone I know about ur blog

  3. Love your idea, we have use this for a fund raiser.. You make 250 scratchers and you put things in 50 grocery bags, not see threw and sell the tickets for 1.00 each and when they get a sorry means they don't get a prize if they get a # they go to the table and get the bag with there # on it. You end up making 250.00, and if you get all of the people in your club to donate it's free and clear… You have to put nice things in your bags or they won't buy them next time…I find stuff all year long on clearance, we have done this add least 6 time over the last 7 years and we always sell out… But the trick is if you our your friends win leave your bags so they think there is a lot more gifts up there… Have fun with this one and make money for your club or school …


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