More Awesome Yard Sale Finds

I have to admit that I am totally addicted to yard sale shopping. I’ve gone out every Saturday possible this summer and even recruited my sister to come along a few weeks ago. I just had to share pictures of my finds from the last two Saturdays. I didn’t keep track of the total as closely this time, but I think I spent between $15-$20 for everything in the three boy clothes photos, including both pairs of adorable shoes. I’m getting really close to filling in all the gaps in my clothing inventory for this little guy. Just a few pajamas and Sunday clothes left and I’ll have enough to get him through to next summer’s sales!

I even found some stuff for big sister. A local church was having a yard sale fundraiser and let me fill a bag for $2. Everything in the last photo was shoved in that bag. $2 got me a pair of tall boots, a fancy Sunday dress, three shirts, a Levis brand jacket, one pair of pants embroidered with butterflies, the cutest Old Navy footed PJ’s, a pair of red fleece pants and two receiving blankets, a shirt for little brother, and some socks that aren’t shown. This may be the best deal I’ve found yet!


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