My Favorite Pattern Ever

Hi Everyone! So I went to D.I. to look for a man shirt to transform into a little dress and I was very sadly reminded how overpriced D.I. is! $5-8 for an old shirt? Not happening. I’ll have to wait and hit up some garage sales this summer so I can get shirts for $1 or less.

But in the meantime, I thought I would post about my FAVORITE pattern ever….Simplicity #5695. I got it for 99 cents on sale at Joann’s and have used it more than any other pattern I’ve ever owned. It is so versatile. So far I’ve made three dresses and four summer shirts from it. The best part is that it actually has sleeves and doesn’t require a zipper. I only have pictures of three of the things I’ve made and they are all very similar looking. But I promise the pattern can be changed up quite a bit!
The first two pictures are little baby doll shirts. I just adapted the pattern to shirt length and added ties in the back. I’m going to buy/make blue leggings with stars on them to go with the red shirt so she can wear it on the Fourth of July. The third picture is a tiered dress that I lengthened so she can wear it for a very long time. It has fit for an entire year, and it’s not too small yet! Hurray!
Anyway, if you’re looking for an easy pattern that will get lots of use, try Simplicity #5695. But only buy it when Joann’s is having a sale! 🙂


  1. Jennifer, this is so fun! What a nice blog you have got going. I am glad so that I can keep updated with all the great and crafty things you do. You always have such great ideas. Have a good one!


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