My Idea Book

I made a new idea book a few days ago. I keep it in my purse. After I tell you about it, you’ll see why you need one too. I have mine divided into sections: Parenting/Marriage, Crafts, Home, Food, and Misc.

Here are a few samples of the ideas floating around in this little notebook:

* A list of gift ideas for Hubby
* Items I need to fill in gaps in my childrens’ wardrobes
* A sketch of a cute dress I saw at Gap Kids that I think I can make.
* Hubby’s shoe size, pant size, and dress shirt size.
* A couple of recipes I found while out and about.
* A price list of commonly purchased items.
*Great picture books we’ve checked out from the library.
* A list of projects I want to make soon.
* Scrapbooking sketches
* Fun color combinations
* Several pages of journaling I’ve done about my kids when I’ve been waiting somewhere (like the doctor’s office).

I am constantly finding inspiration and ideas and I need a place to keep them from disappearing into the far reaches of my very forgetful brain. I used to sketch on the back of receipts or jot down an idea on an old program from church, but then I’d lose the little papers. It is much better to keep everything in one place! So go get yourself a notebook. You don’t even have to decorate it (but you know I had to…haha). Pop it in your purse and start writing down your ideas!


  1. I don’t actually know you… I stumbled across your blog BUT I am pretty sure we would be friends. I have about 6-7 of these (similar) on my book shelf filled up. I love to look back on them. They just make me happy. Yours is a super cute one.


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