One Year House-iversary

One year ago today, we got the keys to our first home! I can’t believe it’s been a year already, but at the same time it feels like we’ve always lived here. This home has my heart.

I had grand delusions about home renovations when we first started. I thought we’d have this place DONE in a year.
Ha Ha Ha. 
So naive. Everything costs more and takes WAY more time than I realized. But we have made progress. Today instead of thinking of the long list of projects still left to do, I’m going to celebrate what we’ve accomplished so far.
Here’s a recap of our first year of projects:
The Pantry. We took an awkward, wasted space and turned it into one of the most important storage areas in our home. 
Wowsers. I don’t miss that “nacho cheese” paint color. To read more about the pantry project and to see the inside of the pantry, click HERE.
The Craft Room. The room the mice destroyed got totally gutted and is now feminine and functional.

Ah, my happy place! Of course at this exact moment it’s not quite so tidy. There are half-finished projects and to-do piles all over. *sheepish grin* To read about the whole room, click HERE.
The Entryway. The first impression of our home was pretty bland. 
It’s bold and dramatic. Such a great little space! To read more about the transformation, click HERE.
Front Yard. We filled in the pond, tore out the thorn bush that hung over the sidewalk, got rid of the juniper bush AKA mouse house, planted flowers, painted the exterior lighting, hung new house numbers and did a whole heck of a lot of weeding.



To read more about the front yard landscaping, click HERE.
Bathroom. This room got a mini-makeover until we can afford to do some bigger changes. The mirror is one of my favorite projects to date.
For more details on the bathroom makeover, click HERE.
So what’s in store for year two of homeownership? This is my current list, but we’ll see how much of it we actually get done.
– Build garage shelving and get that hot mess organized so I can actually park in there.
– Install crown molding upstairs
– Wood floors in the kitchen/dining/living room and stairs.
– Kitchen makeover!!! Paint cabinets, new countertops, new backsplash, and reconfigure a few things. Hoping this will happen in the spring when I can paint the cabinets outside.
– Fireplace mantel/surround
– Master bedroom feature wall, paint, and styling
– Girls bedroom decor
– Boys room paint and decor
– Front door and storm door makeover
– Restain the deck
Whew. That’s a big list. 


  1. You guys have gotten a ton done this year! Those first two projects were huge! This year I've only managed to paint two rooms and stain two nightstands (though the room painting also involved oil based primer over trim, doors, & windows, so it took *forever*).

    • Thanks, Tiffany! When I compare what I've done to what I hoped to get done, it's easy to get discouraged. But when I just list out what we HAVE done, I do feel pretty good. I guess it's that whole "half-full / half-empty" thing.

      Oh, and uggh… oil based primer! 🙂


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