Painted Appliances Update

Remember how I ate some courage pie and decided to paint my kitchen appliances? Since it’s been almost three months now, I thought I’d give an update! Plus I never showed you the new microwave and stove we bought on Black Friday, since I destroyed the old oven.

Here’s the listing photo of the kitchen:

And here is the new stove and microwave next to the painted fridge:

And at night:
My thoughts…
When the fridge is next to the real deal, it does make it look a little less authentic. If I hadn’t broken my oven and had been able to paint it instead, I think it would have looked more realistic. But I think the two work together, and like I said in the original post, for the $2000 savings, I am so good with it.
The Liquid Stainless Steel paint has held up perfectly, no nicks or dings at all and we the kids have not been gentle.
The best thing about the painted fridge is that is doesn’t show fingerprints and smudges like real stainless! I feel like I am constantly wiping the oven and the microwave to keep them clean, but the fridge doesn’t need it! Can I get a hallelujah? With three little kids at home, I really appreciate that.


  1. Looks good! How did the dishwasher end up turning out??? Pics? Iā€™m having the same issues with mismatch appliances in my house.

    • The dishwasher looked great and the paint held up really well. We replaced it when we remodeled our kitchen or I’d show you a picture.

  2. Thanks for the reviews!! I’m in the same conundrum with my dishwasher. what did you end up doing? paint it all stainless steel or paint the button part black?

  3. I would like to paint the trim edges on my white appliances. I wonder if this paint would work for that. The edges are some sort of acrylic.

  4. How did your dishwasher turn out? What did you end up doing with the top part? I have a white dishwasher that I want to re-do with the stainless steel paint but am unsure about the top portion as well.


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