Painted Plastic Easter Eggs

Easter is coming. Yay! I pulled out my decorations, which consist of a cool wooden bunny I found for a buck at a yard sale and a bunch of painted plastic eggs. Yep, that’s the extent of the Easter decor, but it’s enough to make me happy and to remind me that I still need to go buy a year’s supply of Cadbury Mini Eggs. Mmmmm….
I wanted pretty eggs to go in my apothecary jars, but I did not want to pay what they were charging at the stores for fake eggs. I mean, they are FAKE people! They should not cost an arm and a leg!
So I took the regular old cheap plastic Easter eggs (come on, I know you have a ton of them lurking in a closet somewhere) and painted them with craft paint. I also added little speckles and stuff to make them more interesting. The only downside is that they have seams. So what? They were free! I can handle the seams.

I even stuck some up on my armoire…

I love that I could customize the colors. I mixed up the paint to make a variety of earthy pastels and I think they are a pretty great decoration for the price. Man, I love free!



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