30+ Pumpkin Painting Ideas

Painted pumpkins are perfect for Halloween. Enjoy these super creative pumpkin painting ideas!

painted pumpkins

Painted pumpkins are so much fun. Have you ever painted a pumpkin before?

There are so many unique and creative ways to paint a pumpkin. I’d rather make a painted pumpkin any day than deal with carving a pumpkin and touching the gooey guts inside. This girl is a fan of no-carve pumpkins!

You can paint real pumpkins and fake craft pumpkins.

This video tutorial shows you four fun ways to paint a pumpkin!

Pumpkin Painting Video Tutorial



I’ve also gathered over 30 pumpkin painting ideas to inspire you. There’s a style for everybody… spooky, colorful, sophisticated, whimsical. You’ll have a hard time choosing which painted pumpkin to make! Click on the text link above each picture to see more about how to make each individual pumpkin idea.

Plaid Painted Pumpkin:

plaid painted pumpkin

Sharpie Watercolor Pumpkins:

sharpie watercolor painted pumpkin

Striking Black and White Pumpkins:

black and white painted pumpkin

Marbled Pumpkins with Nail Polish:

marbled painted pumpkins

Paint a Pair of Silly Witch Legs:

witch shoe painted pumpkin

Artsy Hand-Painted Pumpkins:

painted pumpkin ideas

Folk Art Pumpkins:

folk art floral pumpkin

Gorgeous Floral Fall Painted Pumpkins:

fall floral painted pumpkin

Spooky Word Painted Pumpkin:

spooky word painted pumpkin

Cinderella Glitter Pumpkin:

glitter painted pumpkin

Doodle Pumpkin:

Neon Dipped Pumpkins:

neon dipped painted pumpkins

Metallic Painted Pumpkin:

Abstract Colorful Pumpkins:

abstract painted pumpkins

No-Carve Owl Pumpkin:

no carve owl pumpkin

Mud Cloth Painted Pumpkins:

mudcloth painted pumpkins Muted Tones Painted Pumpkins:

soft heritage painted pumpkins Blue Porcelain Painted Pumpkins (okay, could you die? GORGEOUS!):

blue and white porcelain painted pumpkinsVintage Chalk Paint Pumpkins:

chalk painted pumpkins

Faux Bois Painted Pumpkins:

faux bois painted pumpkin

Pour Art Painted Pumpkins:

pour art painted pumpkin Fun Black and White Pumpkins:

black and white spooky painted pumpkins

Letterboard Pumpkin:

letterboard pumpkin Baseball Pumpkin:

baseball painted pumpkinFunny “Pun”kins:

funny words painted pumpkins

This might be the most beautiful painted floral pumpkin ever:

floral painted pumpkin Metallic Glitter Drip Pumpkins:

metallic glitter drip pumpkins

Glow in the Dark Dot Pumpkin:

painted pumpkin idea glow in the dark

Colorful Fall Pumpkins:

colorful painted pumpkins

Watercolor Pumpkins with Glitter Stems:

glitter stem pumpkins Sharpie Owls:

sharpie owl painted pumpkins

There you have it… tons of creative ways to paint a pumpkin. I love the hand-painted floral pumpkins best, but I’m not sure I’m a good enough painter to pull them off. Which was your favorite pumpkin?

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pumpkin painting ideas



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