Pallet Wood “Farm Fresh Pumpkins” DIY Vintage Sign

It’s Fall! Hurray!
If you can’t tell by the last few posts around here, I’m excited to bust out the Fall crafts and DIY autumn decor projects!
Today I’m going to show you how to make a vintage style “Farm Fresh Pumpkins” pallet sign and I’m even including the printable template so you can make one too!
Materials Needed (affiliate links)

Wood Stain (I LOVE this spray stain!)
– White craft paint
– paint brushes (foam brush for the stain and small brush for the words)
– pencil or ball point pen
– white chalk
– Vintage Sign Template (DOWNLOAD PART 1 AND PART 2 HERE)
1. Begin by spraying the entire pallet sign with spray stain. Be sure to protect your work surface from over spray. Use a foam brush to even out the stain.
2. Add a light brush of white paint over the stain and use a paper towel to blend it in and give it a weathered look.
3. Print out the template from the link above and tape the two pages together. Apply a heavy layer of white chalk to the back side of the paper, making sure to cover everywhere under the image.

4. Center the image on the wood, then trace over all of the lines of the design. 

As your pencil pushes on the paper, it transfers the chalk to the wood, giving you an outline of the design!

5. Using a detail brush, fill in the design with white craft paint.
And that’s how you create this cute, farmhouse style pallet sign. I just love the vintage, weathered feel of it. It’s so perfect for Fall!


  1. This is verrrry cute. I have pinned it and will be making it this weekend. Thank you for the tutorial,That's the same method I use. Your tutorial is clear and easy to follow. I thank you especially for including the template. So sweet of you to share your design. I hope your fall will be blessed.

  2. I love this sign! I have become obsessed with signs especially signs for Fall. Instead of using chalk I'm going to use white graphite paper. I've heard it's not as messy as chalk. I've never used it so I guess I'll find out.

  3. I love the idea of distressed spray stain. Never thought of using this on a wood sign. Can the white paint be applied immediately after the stain is applied?

    Thank you!


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