Paper Clip Love Birds

Learn how to make Valentine’s Day Love Birds using scrapbook paper and metal paper clips.

paper clip love bird valentines day craft

A few years ago I made these little love birds, and I have enjoyed pulling them out each year for Valentine’s Day. I think they are so cute…they just make me happy! They are also really easy to make and you probably already have all the supplies you need to make them. Yay!

Here’s how:

1. Gather materials. All you need is scraps of red/white/pink paper, two paper clips per bird, scissors and a hot glue gun. I prefer the big thick paper clips…they make stronger birdie legs.

Step 2: Bend the paper clips into legs by following the pictures shown below:

The last bend you will have to make is so they stand up. I had to wiggle and bend and wiggle and bend until mine stood up on their own.

Step 3: Cut out a bird body (front and back), a wing, and a beak from coordinating paper. Tape or glue the tops of the paper clip legs to the back side of the paper body and glue the other paper over the paper clips, sandwiching them in so the pretty sides of the paper are showing. Add a beak, wings, and eyes and you are done! If you wanted to get fancy, you could even add a little feather sticking out of the tail.

Now you just need to find a perch for your happy little love birds!

valentines day paper craft
If your love birds are a little tipsy, you could cut out a coordinating circle of cardstock to use as a base. Glue the legs to the paper and your birds will be a lot more stable.

Love Birds Video Tutorial

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  1. These are just precious! I have two little neighborhood girls (8 and 10) who recently asked me if I could do some crafts with them. We had our first session yesterday – – so fun! I think this will be a perfect project for them. Thanks for sharing!

  2. These are so cute and just what I need for my daughter’s first birthday. Do you by any chance have a template for the bird shape? They are the exact shape I’ve been looking for and it would be so much easier to cut straight from a template.


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