Colorful, Easy, Inexpensive Pinwheel Party Centerpieces

These pinwheel party centerpieces are inexpensive and easy to make and will add a burst of color and fun to your next party.

easy party centerpieces
This weekend I’m helping my mom throw a dinner party for her church congregation, and like most church parties, we’re working on a small budget. I volunteered to come up with colorful, inexpensive centerpieces for the tables. I already had several floral centerpieces (see them HERE) but not enough for 33 tables. So I went hunting for something to make up the difference. The dollar store really pulled through for me this time. They had these colorful flower pinwheels for $1 and I knew they’d be perfect.


I made the “vases” from mason jars and tissue paper. They turned out cute, right? The bright colors will really make the church hall feel festive.
Here’s how you can make your own easy party centerpieces:


  • 1 flower pinwheel (from Dollar Tree)
  • 1 sheet of tissue paper
  • 1 mason jar with ring
  • 1 scrap cardstock, any color
  • curling ribbon
  • sand/dirt/rocks/vase filler

dollar store crafts


Step 1

Trace a circle onto cardstock the size of a mason jar lid. Cut it out.

Step 2

Pour filler into mason jar. Place the paper lid on top, then screw on the ring to hold the paper in place.

mason jar centerpieces

Step 3

Gently punch the stem of the pinwheel through the center of the paper and push the stem to the bottom of the jar. This will keep the pinwheel from shifting. If you’re having a hard time making the inital hole, try punching a starter hole with a ball point pen or craft knife.

centerpiece ideas for parties

Step 4

Spread out a sheet of tissue paper. Place the mason jar in the center of the paper, then bring all four corners up. Wrap the curling ribbon around the tissue paper to secure it to the mason jar.

Step 5

Fluff your tissue paper, curl your ribbon ends and you are done!

birthday party centerpieces
I love these happy centerpieces even more because they were so cheap and easy. They would be fantastic for a party outdoors because the flowers spin in the wind!
Here’s how they looked on the tables at the church:
party table decorations
We chose bright colors because we knew they’d pack a punch and we wouldn’t need complicated decorations. People are going to be too busy chatting and stuffing their faces to care about anything more elaborate. Ha!
The best part about these centerpieces is watching them spin. You can see them in action in this short video tutorial:
Don’t forget to pin the image below so you can save this idea for the next time you have a party to throw on the cheap.
party centerpieces
You might also like these paper flower party centerpieces. They’re a cute spin-off of this idea.


  1. Wow, I like these party centerpieces. These are so easy to make and quite inexpensive too. Thanks a lot for these ideas. At garden venues in Atlanta we are going to celebrate our daughter’s birthday bash and I would love to make these DIY table centerpieces for decorations.

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