Photo Gift Tags

When you are opening presents Christmas morning, have your kids ever said, “Which Grandma is this from?” or “Uncle Who?” My young children sometimes have a hard time remembering some of their family members that we don’t see as often. On Christmas morning, I want them to know who is giving them each gift. And I also want my nieces and nephews to know that it’s me that spent hours making them a handmade present. Yep, I totally want the credit and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Ha ha.

So this is the solution I came up with: Photo Gift Tags!

Here’s an example I made digitally:

Then when they open the special gift you sent, they will know exactly who it is from. How fun would it be to label gifts with pictures of you with the gift-receiver?! 

There are several ways you could make these tags. If you own Photoshop and are comfortable with it, you can just make them digitally and print them off at home or send them to be printed. You could also take a more scrapbook approach and print out a bunch of small pictures, cut them out and glue them to paper tags. Whatever method you choose, knowing the little children in your life will see your face and know you thought of them on Christmas is worth the extra effort.

Merry Christmas!


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