Pinterest Tested: Prim and Proper Updo

Welcome to Pinterest Tested! Ever wonder if that miracle cleaner is really miraculous? Or what about that homemade facial cleanser? Does it work? This is the place to find out! Each Monday I am testing Pins that catch my eye to see if they really live up to the claims made on Pinterest.
Today I’m testing something new… a hairstyle! I always wonder if the styles I see on Pinterest are doable for real people with real hair and minimal hairstyling skills. So I chose a ‘do I thought was doable. 🙂 haha. This is what the Pin looks like:

Simple, sleek, elegant. I like it!

THE TEST: Can a normal person recreate this hairstyle at home?

I followed the directions, which were very clear. Basically, you put your hair into a half-pony, tease the bottom of that pony a little, then smoothly tuck the rest of your hair through a hole in the half pony. That didn’t make any sense. It would be better to just follow the instructions on the Pin. haha.
I was surprised to find that this hairstyle was really easy! It only took a few minutes. The final results aren’t exactly like the original picture, but I wore my hair this way to church and got compliments, so I think that’s a good sign. My hair is not nearly as long as the hair shown in the pictures either…it’s a few inches below the shoulders with lots of shorter layers and I was still able to pull it off.THE RESULT: A new, elegent hairstyle that takes minutes and is totally doable for anyone at any hairstyling skill level!


  1. Thanks for sharing this!! I always wonder about those, even though I'm a hair stylist, I'm not good at the do's like that, especially on myself, but you've inspired me to try this one!! 🙂

  2. Looks great! But I must say, you've got great hair anyway, so I don't know if I can trust your pinterest tested results for myself…..I'll let you know if it works out.
    But your hair ALWAYS looks amazing! Do you give lessons?

  3. I've tried this pin too. It didn't work for me. I have thin hair. When I pulled the pony tail through, my hair split apart. I think you need thick hair for this one to work.


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