Pinterest Tested: Single Serve Microwave Cookie

I am happy to welcome a guest poster for today’s Pinterest Tested. He’s cute, he loves to help, and he knows a lot about cookies. Introducing G:

The PIN up for testing is HERE.

THE TEST: A single serve microwave chocolate chip cookie recipe. I love the idea of making one cookie at a time so I’m not tempted to eat the whole batch in one night. And a bonus is that even when it’s hot outside, you can cook these without heating up your house.

The recipe can be found HERE.
G-Man, take it away!
Step 1: Stir ingredients together.

Blob it on a plate.

Cook in the microwave.

Now let’s test our creation.

Ack-shoo-lee, it’s like a pancake.”

Thanks for all your help, G!

His analysis was right on. I would not call the finished product a cookie at all. It turned out to be spongey, a little rubbery and not at all like a chocolate chip cookie. I had high hopes for this test, but alas, not ever Pin-Test can be a winner. It didn’t taste horrible (but it was fat, sugar and chocolate…how bad could it taste?!) But this weird textured hybrid creation cannot pass as a cookie.

I even tried a second time to make sure and added a dash of cocoa just for a change.

Here’s a close-up to show the texture a little more:

THE RESULTS: Nope. This just can’t pass as a cookie in my book.

Oh, well. You can’t win them all!


  1. Try this one. Made it a few times now and …… yum!! My tip is make sure you whisk really well the mixture before you add the flour. And use the smallest egg (for the smallest yolk) you have in the carton. 🙂 Also use a mug that is more wide at the bottom, I used a mug that I normally use for soup, so it's like a bowl/mug hybrid. 🙂



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