Progress! (Downstairs Family Room)

This week is CRAZY week around here… my sister is getting married on Saturday! Plans were going smoothly until she went to pick up her wedding dress and the alterations were atrocious. Seriously, it was bad. Now we are scrambling to make things work. I am taking over a lot of the tasks my mom was going to do so that she can fix the hot mess of the ugly wedding dress.
But, I have been meaning to share the progress I’ve been making downstairs. Do you remember the before picture?

Here’s the “halfway there” photo:

It’s a little better, huh? I painted the bookcases and stained the top of the desk. I dejunked the bookcases, too. Man, we had a lot of stuff  that just needed to be tossed! I decided to pack up old college textbooks because I know we are not going to be reading those any time soon. And I moved some books to other parts of the house. With the extra space, I was able to style things a little more nicely:

Do you see that apothecary jar full of marbles? They belonged to my husband’s uncle when he was a boy. I just love them and am so glad we can have them on display!

I still need to:

– paint the desk legs
– add art to the wall
– hide the jumble of computer cords

But it’s coming along!


  1. It looks Great! I can't wait to see the finished product! Will you be painting the legs of the desk dark? Or light?
    I'm so sorry to hear about your sisters wedding dress fiasco! After seeing pictures of your wedding dress, I'm surprised she didn't have your mom do the alterations in the first place. Unless you two are like my sister & me… she always did the opposite of me, bad or good. I'll pray for your family through the weekend. For peace & that everything from here on out will go smoothly. Have fun at the wedding! I'm sure it will be beautiful!

    • Alice, you are so sweet. Thank you for the prayers! It seems like things are starting to turn around. We contacted David's Bridal's corporate office and they overnighted a new dress to us and let us keep the old dress (it was too damaged to sell to anyone else), so now my mom can use the pre-beaded fabric to add the sleeves. And you are right, she should have just done the alterations in the first place! Live and learn, I guess.


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