Road Trip Snack Bingo Activity For Traveling With Kids

We have two big road trips planned for later this summer and that means many hours in the car with all three kids. I’ve learned that a little preparation beforehand can make the car ride much more fun when traveling with children. So, to prepare for our summer vacation, I created this road trip snack bingo activity that combines our two favorite things to do in the car: play and eat!
The game is designed to fit inside a plastic craft organizer so that the snack pieces don’t go flying around and little fingers don’t drop the snacks on the floor. The longer side section is the perfect place to store the snacks before playing the game!
To make a road trip snack bingo game for your family, you will need:
  • Road Trip Game Free Printable (download HERE)
  • Plastic Craft Organizer
  • Scissors
I headed to WalMart and bought a bunch of our family’s favorite snacks, including RITZ Bacon & Cheese Cracker Sandwiches, SWEDISH FISH candies,¬†OREO Mini Cookies and¬†HONEY MAID TEDDY GRAHAMS Graham Snacks. The cookies and crackers were in the cracker aisle and the SWEDISH FISH were in the candy aisle. Here is another great snack idea that would work perfect for this game.
I also bought the plastic craft organizer at WalMart. It was located in the craft section near the jewelry making supplies.
Kid-Approved Road Trip Snacks

There was even a peel-off coupon booklet attached to the cookie boxes, so be sure to look for those to save yourself some cash. Woot! Gotta love coupons!

Download the free game board, then print it and cut out the pieces along the gray lines.
Place one game piece in each section of the box. The good thing about doing the game this way is that the pieces can be rearranged, creating a new game board each time you play!
To play the game, have your children watch for the vehicles and road signs as you drive. If they spot one, they can choose a snack from the larger side compartment and place it in the correct spot. Three snacks in a row counts as a bingo and the child can then eat all of the snack pieces they have placed on the game board so far.
Isn’t that fun? Road trip snack and road trip activity put together!
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What’s your family’s favorite road trip activity?



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