Santa’s Long Underwear Christmas Neighbor Gift Idea

Yesterday I got the cutest gift in the mail from my best friend. She sent us Santa’s long underwear!

The tag reads:

We looked for a stocking
But couldn’t find a spare.
So we ended up stuffing
Santa’s long underwear.

I could feel that there were treats inside, but it took me a second to realize how to get them out.

You have to open the bum flap in the back! I die!

I was so tickled with this clever gift that I just had to post it for all of you to enjoy too.

It looks simple to make…

– Cut two of the long john shape from red felt.
– Cut a flap shape from red felt.
– Cut a slit in one of the long johns over the bum area.
– Sew the flap piece over the slit you just made.
– Print out a tag with the poem. Punch a hole in the corner of the tag. Thread ribbon through the hole.
– Sandwich the ribbon between the two layers of felt.
– Sew around the edges.
– Hot glue buttons to the front.
– Stuff with candy or home baked goodies.

And while I was at it, I created a few free printable gift tags. Because sometimes I just can’t help myself.



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