Sharpie Tie Dye Masks

Tie dye a fabric face mask the easy way with this no-mess Sharpie tie dye craft.

sharpie tie dye face masks

I’m a huge fan of tie dye, but I don’t always love the mess that comes with it. That’s why I love Sharpie tie dyeing… no liquid dye mess, no rubber bands, no washing out the design. You get all of the fun and unique designs without any of the hassle! Do you remember when I tie dyed a pair of sneakers? It’s just so much fun I can’t stop.

To make your own Sharpie tie dye masks, you’ll need:


  • White cotton masks
  • Sharpie Markers (thick tips work better)
  • Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol
  • Medicine Dropper

Step 1: Color a design directly onto the mask fabric. I have found that the thicker tip Sharpies are easier to use for this craft. You can buy them in a pack or I know Michaels sells them individually.

Any design works, so get creative and try a few different patterns! Here are a few that I made and what they looked like after:

sharpie tie dye tutorial

Step 2: Fill a small cup with rubbing alcohol, then use the medicine dropper to begin spreading drops onto the fabric. This makes the Sharpie ink bleed together. It’s so fun to watch!

Step 3: Let the alcohol dry completely, then throw the masks all in the dryer on high heat for 15-20 minutes to set the ink even more. While the rubbing alcohol is still wet, the ink will bleed onto anything it touches, so I placed mine on some plastic. Once dry, the ink is permanent. It doesn’t smell either, so no worries there.

Watch video below to see this fun craft in action.

Sharpie Tie Dye Video Tutorial


The great thing about Sharpie tie dye is that it’s very forgiving. I didn’t end up loving my attempt at the green polka dot mask, so once the mask was dry, I added more layers of Sharpie marker and then more rubbing alcohol and it ended up looking pretty neat.

how to tie dye fabric face masks

So there you have it! Super cool and unique tie dye masks. 

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cute face mask diy idea


  1. So fun! Thanks for sharing this idea and tips. I have 4 boys and the store masks are all so cute for girls but not so awesome for boys. This allowed them to be creative and have a cute but boyish mask!

  2. Is it safe to write your name on the inside of a cloth mask with sharpie marker? After I wash the mask will it be safe to breathe wearing a mask that has sharpie marker ink on it?

  3. After you do the alcohol, and they dry, do you ONLY put them in the dryer first? And then send them through a full cycle (wash, dry)? Or do you do a full cycle (wash and dry) once the alcohol has dried up?

  4. Is it possible to use a microwave for the heat process? Have you had success with that option? Or, is the dryer best?

  5. I loved this craft! I was looking online for some fabric markers to customize my white face mask and they were all $11 to $20, this craft was so easy to make!


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