Snowman Nose Christmas Gift Idea

Enjoy this easy and cute punny Snowman Nose Christmas gift idea for children.

Make snowman noses to give to your school class this Christmas
If you are looking for a simple little Christmas gift to give to neighbor kids or the children you teach at church or school, these adorable Snowman Noses are quick to make and pretty inexpensive, but kid-approved and so adorable.
To make them you will need: (affliate links)


Make a snowman nose gift for kids
I hesitate to even post a tutorial for this, because it is SO simple, but here you go anyway…
Fill the treat bags with the candies. Really, you could fill them with anything orange… cheesy popcorn, Cheetos, circus peanuts, popcorn drizzled with orange melting chocolate, or whatever else sounds good to you.


Package up Sixlets orange candies to look like a snowman nose!
Make a gift tag that says “Snowman Nose” and tie it to the treat bag using festive ribbon.


Make snowman nose candy treat bags to give as punny Christmas gifts this year
I’d love to hand these out at a class party or they’d be cute favors at a snowman-themed party.
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Snowman Nose candy treat bags are a simpe and cute punny Christmas gift idea perfect for giving to children at Christmas. I'm making these for my kids class party! #christmasgiftideas #christmas #snowman


  1. These are absolutely adorable! You wouldn’t happen to have a printable of the snowman nose tag would you by chance? Thanks so much for the idea!!

  2. Love these!! do you have a printable of the snowman nose tag? if not could tell me what was the font name so I can make some. Thank you!


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