DIY Stenciled Summer Tote Bag

This colorful tote bag is made with neon fabric markers and a stencil. It’s an easy summer craft perfect for kids and adults!

Summer may be winding down, but there’s still time to make this fun tie dye effect craft. This technique uses only two supplies: fabric markers and stencil paper, but the finished effect is really cool. I can see myself using this stencil technique over and over again for all sorts of projects. And it’s easy enough that kids can totally do it. Just cut the stencil and stick it onto the project for them, then let them color any design they want! NO MESS!

To make this colorful stenciled tote bag, you will need: (affiliate links)

Materials Needed


  1. Make a design in Silhouette Studio. Cut it out of stencil paper. Peel away the inside of the letters to leave the negative space.
  2. Peel the white paper off of the stencil back.
  3. Stick the stencil to the tote bag and press it down firmly.
  4. Use the fabric markers to color inside of the letters. I chose a faded tie dye pattern, but this is where you can get creative. Anything goes!
  5. Once you’re sure the letters are all filled in just how you want them, peel the stencil paper off of the bag.
  6. Enjoy your brand new, one-of-a-kind design!

If you don’t own a craft cutting machine, you could purchase a pre-made stencil instead. I’ve seen lots of cute ones at craft stores.

I love the vibrant color of the fabric markers I chose. They just scream summer fun, don’t you think?

If you’d like the exact stencil design I used, you can download the free SVG file here.

This craft would be perfect for girls camp, VBS, or just a rainy day activity to keep the kids busy. I can see it being a hit with kids, teens and adults because there are so many ways to make it your own, but because of the stencil, it’s almost guaranteed to turn out looking good, even with little ones.



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