Still Alive and Crafting

Yes, friends, I’m still alive.

Since my last post, I moved to a new state, went at Disneyland and ran a half marathon. And I’m still alive to tell the tale! So now that life has slowed down just a touch, things will pick back up around here. After all, I’ve got a brand new place to decorate and summer projects to make.

Here’s one for starters…
I transformed this ugly prescription drug clock into a cute clock that sits on top of my fridge.

Guess how much it cost to do? 16 cents…the cost of the scrapbooking paper! I just cut it down to size, poked a hole for the clock arms to go through and wa-lah!
Okay, okay. Just one more…

Got this plate at a thrift store because I loved the shape. It was originally a yucky mustard poop color, but nothing a little black spray paint couldn’t take care of. Then I drew out the branchy flower shape onto the back of some white sticker paper, cut it out, and attached it right to the plate. So easy and I’m pretty impressed with how the shape turned out. It just sort of came to me. Don’t know where I’ll put this yet, but I’m collecting “grandma plates” as my husband says, so they’ll probably be hung somewhere in a grouping. Guess you’ll just have to stay tuned to see… 🙂


  1. Okay, seriously, the next time you are in Boise, I want you to come to my house and I'll pay you to decorate it with whatever you want! You are such a cutie! 🙂


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