Summer Activities for Kids

These summer activities for kids will keep your crew entertained while school is out. Enjoy these fun craft ideas, art activities and games to play with your kids this summer.

summer activities for kids

School’s out for summer and mothers everywhere are scrambling to come up with ideas to keep their kids entertained for the next three months. Oh, wait… maybe that’s just me?

I’ve been saving up fun craft ideas, art projects, games and activities to do this summer when my kids start tossing around the dreaded “B” word– you know — B.O.R.E.D. I am going to keep those kids busy so they don’t just sit around watching TV or worse, fighting with each other. If you’re a mom, I know you can relate!

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite summer activity ideas with you. Be sure to bookmark this page or pin it so you can refer back to it all summer.

I started by printing out these pages so my kids know all of the things they need to do each day before they can ask to watch TV or play on the computer.

Hopefully this will help provide structure, ensure that the most important things get done every day and limit screen time.

And to all you mothers out there… good luck. It can be frazzling, but the very best days with my kids have been on lazy summer days.

Duck Tape Zip Pouch
Clothespin Flower Fairies

squirt chalk for summer
Color Changing Squirty Chalk

painted rocks summer activity
Painted Treasure Rocks

moon rock activity for kids
DIY Moon Rocks

fire ink art
Fired Ink Art

marshmallow catapult for kids
Marshmallow Catapult

giant bubbles summer boredom buster
Giant Bubbles

shaving cream activity for kids
Shaving Cream Slip n Slide

sand volcano for kids
Sand Volcano

If you need even more ideas, be sure to check out my Pinterest board called Activities for Kids. I’ve been saving fun ideas there for years!



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