Textured Neutrals Fall Tablescape

Hi friends! It’s cold and rainy outside today, so I thought it would be the perfect day to add touches of Fall around my house. 
I’ve wanted a wooden trough for my kitchen table for ages, so yesterday I decided to make one myself. I found scrap lumber in the garage, cut it down and nailed it together. Don’t look too close… my husband would shudder. But I don’t care if it’s perfect. It’s supposed to look old, right?! Then I used my favorite stain to give it that weathered-wood look.
I made fabric pumpkins for the first time. Just Google “fabric pumpkin tutorial” and you’ll have lots of instructions to choose from. They were super quick to whip up and so, so fun. I used scrap fabric too, which is always a win for me.

After I got the pumpkins in the box, I knew they needed a little something. I had a string of white berries, but they were too bright. So I spray painted the berries with brown paint! Ha! Of course spray paint is the answer.

I kinda love the more neutral Fall look and I’m going to be incorporating it around the rest of the room.

Now please excuse me, I think I’ll go make some apple cider. Happy Fall!



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