The Easiest Neighbor Gift Ever

This year has been a Jekyll and Hyde kind of Christmas. I’ve spent hours doing certain Christmas to-do list items and on other things I’ve been like, “Meh. What’s the easiest option?!” Can any of you relate?

Today I’m sharing one of the “easiest option” ideas that I had.

It all started when a friend gave me a bag of Indiana Popcorn. Have you tried it before? Oh my goodness. It is a bag of pure sweet-and-salty heaven!! This post is not sponsored by Indiana Popcorn, but I wish I could be enrolled in the “automatic delivery of obsene amounts of popcorn club” so if you’re reading this Indiana Popcorn, I’m just saying… This stuff is that good. You can buy it at Sam’s Club, some WalMarts and Amazon even carries it.

I decided to make my own version and give it away as Christmas gifts for neighbors. Then I said, “Never mind lazy self. Why try to recreate perfection? Just buy some.”

So I pulled out a big stack of cute goodie boxes that I got on clearance after Christmas last year (HERE and HERE are similar ones on Amazon) and dumped the popcorn in. I didn’t even have to make tags… the boxes came with them!

Is this a stroke of lazy crafting genius or what?!

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