Twelve Days of Christmas: A Story and a Treat Take Two

I decided to give the same gift I gave to my brother-in-law’s family last year to my sister-in-law’s family this year. Why reinvent the wheel, right?!

Here’s the original post.

I had a few challenges finding the same candy that I did last year, so I figured it would be nice to post several ideas for each story for those who are struggling to find certain things.

Twelve Days of Christmas

Day 1: A Christmas Family: red envelope filled with chocolate coins

Day 2: Rudolph—That Amazing Reindeer reindeer marshmallows, pooping reindeer, Peep reindeer, or this cute idea from Betty Crocker Wannabe (she makes IBC root beer look like reindeer!) I bought a 2-liter bottle to try it on because there are seven people in the family I’m giving it to and IBC only comes in six packs!

Day 3: An Older Brother’s Gift Lifesavers candy book

Day 4: The Other Wise Man Ring Pop Jewels or candy necklaces

Day 5: Christmas Day In The Morning Cow tales (I had a hard time finding these!) or Milky Ways (since he milks the cow). I also saw farm animal bubble tape that was cow-shaped.

Day 6: In Shepherd’s Field Pooping sheep or farm animal bubble tape (there was a sheep too!)

Day 7: The Christmas Orange chocolate orange or gummy orange slices

Day 8: A Christmas Gift For Jesus Candy dollars. This year I found mints at Dollar Tree that are printed to look like money, but I saw chocolate dollar bars everywhere. I even saw a huge chocolate dollar at Walgreens that was about 10″x12″. How cool would that be?

Day 9: Why Christmas Trees Aren’t Perfect Peep Christmas trees, Reeses Peanut Butter Trees, Little Debbie Tree Cakes

Day 10: Christmas On The Rhine Little Debbie Gingerbread Men

Day 11: A Brother Like That race car candies. This is one candy that I had a hard time finding this year. I ended up getting “Cars” fruit snacks.

Day 12: The Legend of the Candy Cane candy canes…this one I know you will be able to find!

Here is the list of stores where I purchased the candies:
Smith’s- Cars fruit snacks (they were on sale)
Dollar Tree- dollar mints, cow tales, ring pops, chocolate bells, chocolate coins
Wal-Mart- candy canes, chocolate orange, root beer, gingerbread men, Peep trees
Michael’s- pooping sheep

And in case you don’t care for one of the stories or just can’t find something to go along with it, here is an extra story and treat idea:

The Legend of the First Christmas Bell (chocolate bell candies)

The star shone brightly over Bethlehem, guiding the shepherds from the fields and the wise men from far-off lands to the stable of the newborn King. But, in the city, a small boy, blind and alone, wandered aimlessly through the streets hoping someone would lead him to the Christ Child.

Suddenly, through the still night air, he heard the faint tinkle of a distant bell. He turned and began walking in the direction of the sound. Gradually, its music became louder and clearer and he heard excited voices.

As he approached the stable, a shepherd took his hand and led him to the manger. The shepherd told him that the bell he heard hung around the neck of a cow watching faithfully over the sleeping Child.

The little boy knelt silently in prayer and thanked God for the Baby Jesus. And he didn’t forget a special prayer for the animal that had led him out of the darkness. Since that first Christmas, bells have rung out the joy of the Birth, and called people to worship and prayer.

Due to the overwhelming number of requests,
I am no longer sending out the PDF version of the story. 
All 13 stories are now available in a Google Document! 

Merry Christmas!

2015 Update: Now there are free printable instructions and number tags to go along with this fun Christmas gift. Click HERE to check them out!


  1. You are awesome. Thanks for sharing your ideas with me. This will make not only my Christmas more meaningful, but the family do it for. Thanks

  2. Please e-mail me printable PDF..I was able to print the others from your links but the Other Wise Man story is no longer avialable…sending to a missionary soon – and thanks for the Take 2 – although we found the other candies – this was helpful as well…found a pooping reindeer but not a sheep – subsituted cotton candy as the sheeps wool and put a picture of a sheep on the bag….Thanks!

  3. Thank you so much!!
    I found last year's post and decided to do it this year. (Living in a small area I had to change up a few, but had pretty good luck.)
    I printed all of stories and made them into a book so I can reuse them again in the future.
    Oh, and I had a hard time with the race cars too, I got the Cars Pez dispensers instead.

  4. I would so appreciate a printable copy of the stories. I know it might seem like I'm a little behind with it being January 16th and all, but I choose to think I'm just really ahead of the game for once. Thanks so much for your great idea!


  5. "Thank You" for sharing this. Just stumbled upon it on and of course had to PIN IT! Will be doing this with the grandkids this next Christmas. =^)

  6. This is a wonderful idea. If it's not too late or inconvenient, please send me the stories so I can start gathering goodies for this Christmas.Thank you for the great idea and the texts. Have a great Memorial weekend.

  7. I hope it isn't too late to get a copy of the Christmas stories. I just found your blog thru Pinterest. You have a great blog with lots of fun and cute ideas. I would like a copy of the stories if you are still giving them out. Thanks and God bless!

    Penny Cox

  8. I know it is a bit random to be asking for these stories in July:-) I have a son serving a mission and am already thinking Christmas package since its taking up to 10 weeks to get him a package! I would LOVE a copy if it isn't asking to much:-) thank you for sharingyour talents!

  9. I know its early, but I would love a copy of the stories. The bell one is good too. Was thinking of doing this with my kids & sending them to my nephew, where ever he will be stationed. Thanks for the great ideas. 🙂

  10. i would love to get a copy of the stories. I;m always looking for good ideas and this is a winner! thinking i will do this for my own children to help them start a tradition. thanks!
    blog –

  11. I would love a copy of the stories too. I do child care in my home and thought it would be fun to do with them.

  12. what a fantastic gift idea! love it found you via pintrest. if you still have the pdf I would love to have a copy. thank you maryellen1 at myway dot com


  13. If you are still doing it, I'd love a printable copy. Thanks for the extra effort you've taken to make these available to us!
    cjp484@gmail DOT com

  14. This is a wonderful idea, I have spent the last few years being "Alabastor" Santa's naughty and nice elf to my two grandchildren. I am looking for something new as they are both older now and this is excellent. I would love to see the stories that you attached to each gift.

    Thank you for sharing

  15. I would love a copy of these stories for Christmas for grandchildren who live in another state…thank you so much~ how sweet of you!

  16. I am wanting to do this for 2012 Christmas. if you still have the printable version would you please email it to

  17. How cute~ We love doing the 12 days of Christmas to friends, but this is a new twist we had not thought of. Thank you for the great idea! I would love a pdf copy of the stories if you are still sending them out.


  18. HI! I was wondering if it was still possible to get a PDF of the 12 Days of Christmas? I am so excited to try this out this year- getting a head start as we are expecting our third boy in Early December! Thanks!!

    anjlde at yahoo dot com

  19. This is fantastic and so creative! I'm super excited about this Christmas season as it will be our little guys first that he actually remembers…he was born Christmas Eve 2011! I would love the PDF file of the stories as I will be sharing and gifting with my friends and their kiddos! Thank you so much!


  20. I would love a printable copy. I would like to use it with my 4 boys and also send it to my niece who is in the army stationed in Germany so her and her little girl can share these amazing stories. thank you- janeen gardner

  21. Thank you so much for this amazing idea!! It will be my son's first Christmas in Austria (last year he was in the MTC). I would love a printable copy so I can get going on it asap to make sure he gets it!! Thanks again…people like you sure do make my life a lot simpler!! 🙂

  22. This is the cutest idea I have come accross in a long time and I sure would love it if you could send me the pdf file for this and may you have a Blessed holiday season.


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