Wedding Gift: Recipe Box

My cousin got married this weekend. I know he loves to cook, so I wanted to give him and his new wife some of my favorite tried-and-true recipes. And of course, something to put them in. So this is what I came up with: I bought a raw wood recipe box from Roberts Crafts ($6 with a coupon) and Mod Podged grey scrapbook paper ($0.20) to the outside. All it needed was some ribbon ($3 for the yellow and the black) and a fancy button ($1.25) to finish it off.

The inside I painted yellow, which is the bride’s favorite color. And I used velvet stickers to add their initials. I bought a pack of unlined note cards ($0.44) and printed up dozens of my best recipes, made some dividers with labels using the same paper as the outside and whala! An inexpensive but meaningful gift for a pretty awesome cousin. Hopefully they will add all their favorite recipes over the years.

P.S. The wedding was great. He is so in love with that woman and it showed on his face every minute of the ceremony and the reception.


  1. I am looking for something just like this to be used for my wedding – for people to put their cards/small gifts in. Now, I just gotta find it for myself! You've done a wonderful job with it – really lovely gift.

  2. Heyy.:)
    I really loved the idea. I actually combined this post with your other post 'A Gift Of Memories' and am planning to give my best friend something similar, you know, like a mix of those two!
    I hope it works out!
    You saved my life, thanks so much! Oh, and you have a really nice blog! XoXo.


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