Wooden Mailbox to Shabby Chic Charging Station

I have a really fun mini-makeover for you today. My mom has had this wooden box sitting in her garage for years:

She went through a dejunking phase and asked me if I wanted it. I said, “Of course!” She’s dejunking, I’m always adding junk. Haha.

Anyway, it sat in my craft room for nearly a year before I figured out what to do with it. I turned it into a charging station for our electronics!

Check out this beauty! I chopped off the rounded top part, added a wooden applique (from Hobby Lobby), and some vintage crystal knobs that I actually found attached to a broken dresser drawer that was in a dumpster. True story.

I painted a layer of black, then a few layers of white. Then I used a sander to distress all the edges. Painting a darker color underneath the top coat and then sanding down to it is one of my favorite distressing techniques!

The drawers are lined with floral scrapbook paper. We keep receipts, ear buds, and extra keys in the bottom drawer.

To make it function as a charging station, I just drilled two holes into the back of the flip-top section so the cords can connect to the devices inside.

This cute box sits on our kitchen counter right in front of an outlet, so all the electronics are inside and all the cords are out of sight behind the box. It’s a great solution for us!

I love a good before and after, especially when it’s a quick and painless project like this!



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