Yard Sale Season Has Begun! Woot!!!

Because I live in cold country, yard sale season is just beginning. This weekend was the first yard sale—a church rummage sale that was “pay what you can.” I have a love/hate relationship with those types of sales…I know I can get a good deal, but I don’t want to take advantage and be too cheap. You know? Anyway, here are the spoils: For The Boy: two pajamas, two shirts, one pair of pajama pants and four pairs of shoes, all in great condition.

For The Girl: two adult women skirts (neither of which fit me, but I loved the fabric), two little girl skirts, one dress up skirt, a pair of striped tights, a small piece of greenish cotton fabric and a really large piece of sheer pink fabric.
Total Price: Five bucks. It was that or hand those sweet ladies a handful of nickels. I figured $5 was good.
I’ve got big plans for the two women’s skirts. In fact, they are already cut up. Stay tuned to see what they become!



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