A Yard Sale Skirt Transformed: Cloth Napkins

Remember that black and white skirt I posted about yesterday? It didn’t stay a skirt for long:
I used my trusty new serger and made four fun cloth napkins. They were so easy and they’ll make me smile every time I wipe my mouth on them. haha.

I’ve been slowly trying to switch over to using all cloth napkins. And so far, so good. Cloth napkins are more economical without being more work (I just toss them in with whatever I am already washing). And for all you green folks out there, they’re better for the environment too!


  1. So creative! I love the idea of cloth napkins but refuse to pay the price they are demanding at the store.

    Since you can make them however you want, did you make them a little larger than usual?

  2. Okay so I saw your blog from Rachel’s and I LOVE it! I had to ask Rachel if it was you first before I commented! I am so into the thrifty craft thing. I love your idea with the hospital diaper bag, I already did mine! It’s not as cute as yours but it’s better then before! Thanks for the ideas and hope you don’t mind if I keep looking! Yard sales and DI are my favorites! I am going to post the diaper bag on my blog if you want an invite email me at meka_hilton@yahoo.com! Hope your doing good!

  3. I used a regular piece of computer paper as my “template” for these, so they’re 8 1/2 x 11 inches. I have a set of storebought fabric napkins that measure 19 1/2 inches square and they seem way too big to me. In my opinion, 8 1/2 x 11 is perfect to fold in half and lay forks on.

  4. Cloth napkins? What a great idea! We end up using our kitchen towels instead of paper napkins just because they WORK. LOL, I’m going to get into making my own cloth napkins! Very smart.

  5. Those are too cute. Love them. Great idea! I had not even thought of cloth napkins…I will have to keep my eye open for things to turn into cloth napkins…thanks for sharing! : )


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