Baby’s First Birthday

My baby turned one over the weekend. Sniff sniff. Why does it have to happen so fast?! We had a little family birthday party for her yesterday.
I tried to keep things pretty simple. I reused the paper flower centerpieces I made for a church party (tutorial HERE). Then I hung the tassel garland (tutorial HERE) and used up the remaining tablecloth pieces… I just cut them so they were square, then layered them diagonally.

I made rosette cupcakes for the family to eat. Baby got her very own smash cake, complete with multi-colored rosettes:

I baked it in a glass Pyrex dish, then piped on the roses. So easy!

It was nice to keep things laid back and to enjoy the star of the show. What did she think of her cake?

She hated it! She would not eat it, no matter what we tried. Silly baby!



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