Bitty Bow Baby Booties

Or are they bitty baby  bow booties? Or baby bitty bow booties? Ah, never mind.

Anyway, I just finished knitting these adorable little booties and had to share:

I followed THIS pattern, which worked up very nicely. I’ve never knitted something with so many shape changes. I definitely learned some new things. If you are a fairly new knitter, you can handle this project!

I added elastic instead of ribbon, because I think it will be easier to keep on baby’s foot. I just threaded it through the space made for ribbon:

Then I hand-stitched the elastic closed:

And used hot glue to attach a crocheted bow:

I followed the tutorial HERE to make the bow, and I decided to make a matching hair bow to go along with the booties.

 Because a baby can never have too many bows, right?!



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