Easy Sew Fabric Grocery Sack Holder

This DIY grocery sack holder is an easy sewing project and is a cute + handy way to keep plastic grocery bags corralled.

grocery sack holder diy


Years ago I made a grocery sack holder out of scrap fabric. It turns out that I have absolutely loved that thing. My old holder finally developed a hole, so I decided to make a new one and to share the tutorial with you while I was at it.

This is a perfect sewing project for beginners. It’s mostly straight lines, but it has a few common sewing techniques that are good to practice. It only takes a few materials and can be customized with fabric choice and trim details to fit any style.

To make a DIY grocery sack holder, you will need:

  • Cotton Fabric (Contrasting prints optional)
  • Coordinating Thread
  • 1/4 inch elastic, 8-10 inches in length
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Sewing Machine

Step 1: Cut the fabric to size. I cut my main striped fabric into an 18×20 inch rectangle with a 5×18″ accent piece for the bottom and a 2×10 inch strap. All of these measurements are easily adjustable, these are just the sizes I chose. So feel free to resize things to fit your needs or the fabric you have on hand.

fabric cut sizes

Step 2: Fold the strap fabric right sides together and sew along the open edge. Turn it right side out and iron it to form a crisp strap.

Step 3: With right sides together, sew the accent fabric piece to the bottom end of the main fabric. Add trim if desired. Press the seam flat.

sew fabric together

Step 4: Fold the fabric down the long way so right sides are together and sew along the open edge. Your fabric will now form a long tube.

sewing the side of a grocery bag holder

Step 5: Place the strap inside of the tube and line the ends up with the top edge of the fabric. Tack in place, then line up both sides of the top edge (hiding the strap piece inside) and sew along the top edge to close up the hole.

adding a strap to the top

Step 6: Fold the bottom edge over, then over again to form a casing for the elastic. Sew the seam down, leaving a 2-3 inch opening.

easy sewing project grocery bag holder

Step 7: Attach a safety pin to the end of the elastic and use it to thread the elastic through the casing you just created. Once the elastic is all the way through, remove the safety pin and sew the ends of the elastic together. Sew the casing opening closed to hide the elastic inside.

grocery bag holder with an elastic bottom

Now all that’s left to do is flip the entire project right side out. And that’s it! You’re all done sewing! easy diy grocery bag holder

Stuff your grocery sacks into the holder through the bottom hole and then easily pull them back out whenever you need one. The elastic does a great job of keeping the sacks inside without needing any other closure.

I keep my grocery bag holder in my pantry, but a laundry room, mud room or hall closet would all be great locations for it too. So handy, right?

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easy sew grocery bag dispenser


  1. That’s very cute! I usually keep mine in an ottoman but I like this idea too. Guess I need to get my sewing machine rolling…lol.

  2. Thank you Jennifer, What a lovely pattern. So simple and yet effective. I love your clear, precise instructions – just enough info for the beginner and not too wordy for us older sewers. I have made a few of these in the past and am inspired today to make one each for the family – and of course a couple for me. At present I am keeping my plastic bags in an old cd rack – weird I know but it works. It is a tall metal, circular – thing – and is heavy enough not to topple over and fits neatly in a corner. The new sacks will be used in my craft room and maybe one in the bathroom – you never know where you want a plastic bag handy – to empty the trash bins or just having a clear out. Thanks again. Chrissy

  3. I made a few changes to it for the size fabric I had and how I did the elastic, but very happy with how it turned out. Thanks for the steps and lead to make this!

  4. I absolutely love this version with it being closed on top. Think I’ll be making them this way from now on. Thank you so much for this pattern!!!

  5. I haven’t made my bag holder yet but I’m going to figure out how to leave the top open before I do. Can’t WAIT to make it though. We seriously need a new one here in the kitchen.
    Thank you!!!


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