Halloween Spooky Dinner 2012

Tonight is the night of our annual Halloween Spooky Dinner. This year I am combining forces with Grandma (the kids are ecstatic) so this is only my half of the menu. More pictures to come!

Candy Pretzel Bones

Look at this creepy tray of bones. It seems like something straight out of The Adams Family movie!


To make them, I speared mini-marshmallows onto the ends of pretzel sticks and dipped them in white almond bark. They taste delicious. Love the salty/sweet combo. Here’s what they looked like before they were dipped:

Spider Deviled Eggs

The next food gave me the willies…

They are spiders made from olives atop deviled eggs. Seeing them all together…ick! An army of creepy-crawlies coming to get me:

To make them, I cut an olive in half. I used one half as the body, then cut the other half into tiny slivers to use as legs.

White Chocolate-Covered Strawberry “Ghosts”

I dipped thoroughly washed and dried strawberries in white chocolate and added two mini-chocolate chip eyes while the white chocolate was still wet. Once it hardened, I piped little milk chocolate mouths on using the corner of a plastic bag.

I did come up with one trick that made these so much easier. With a toothpick, I speared each strawberry through the leafy part, then dipped it in the chocolate, then poked the toothpicks into some florist foam while the chocolate dried. No smudgy fingerprints and messed up chocolate this way! It worked perfectly!

Hope you are having a fun Halloween with family and friends. What are some of your traditions?



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