How To Make Ice Cream From SNOW!!

I live in a very cold, snowy climate. Some years there is snow on the ground from November to March! So when Wayfair asked me to write a post about Spectacular Snow Day activities as part of their Homemakers program, I had to share one my family’s favorite things to do. We love to make snow ice cream! Did you even know there was such a thing? Well, there is and it is DELICIOUS!

First, you’ll need a big bowl of fresh, cold, fluffy snow. Old snow or crunchy, icy snow is no good. That’s why you have to make it on a snow day! You might also want a cute, toothless little boy to help you get the snow.

Only scoop up the clean stuff… you know what they say about yellow snow. Ha!

For the rest of the steps, you’ve got to work quickly. Sprinkle vanilla all around, then pour on a whole can of sweetened condensed milk.

Stir it until everything is evenly combined. Add your favorite toppings and eat it all up. It melts faaaaast so don’t be shy… chow down!


Easy Snow Ice Cream

8 cups fresh, clean, fluffy snow
1 tsp vanilla (almond or lemon extract would be good too!)
10 oz sweetened condensed milk
Optional add-ins: fresh fruit, cocoa powder, sprinkles,
crushed candy canes, mini chocolate chips,
graham cracker crumbs, crushed candy bars

1) Sprinkle vanilla (or other flavoring) over snow.
2) Pour sweetened condensed milk over snow.
3) Mix until evenly combined.
4) Add any toppings you’d like.
5) Serve immediately… it melts incredibly fast.

All you folks back East, this is your big chance! You’ve got to try snow ice cream. It’s fun for kids and grown ups alike and it just tastes so stinkin’ good! I’ve seen other recipes that use regular milk, but come on… you know sweetened condensed milk is going to taste waaaaay better!

If you are worried about contamination in your snow, this recipe might not be for you. I live in the country where there’s plenty of fresh air and no pollution. As long as there are no cow pies or animal tracks in the snow and it’s not dirty looking or yellow, I’m saying it’s pretty clean. Besides, my kids are going to eat snow with or without my permission. Ha!

*Thanks to Wayfair for sponsoring this post!



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