Magnetic Fairy Garden for the Fridge

I have to say, I’m loving the fairy garden trend right now. It’s just really hard not to love things that come in miniature. They are just so cute! I’ve seen lots of creative ideas for fairy gardens, but I really wanted one that I could keep indoors and switch out to create different scenes. So I came up with this awesome magnetic fairy garden for the fridge!
To make your own fairy garden, you will need: (affiliate links)
Pebbles (or just gather some from your yard)
Strong Magnets (these ones are awesome… my fairy garden never moves!)
Glue Gun and Hot Glue
Scrapbook paper
Begin by hot gluing the sheet moss on the lid, top and sides of the pencil box. This step is a little messy FYI.
I chose to make a little pebble walkway just to add interest.
Carefully add more moss around the outside edge of the box so that all of the wood is covered when you slide the lid back on. This is what makes the secret compartment, which is the perfect place to store extra fairy garden pieces when you change out the scenes.
Glue the magnets to the back of the box (the side directly opposite from the sliding lid).
Bend the fence so it fits around the box and cut it down to size. Then attach it to the box with more hot glue.
Now comes the most fun part. Use scrapbook paper to make different backgrounds for your fairy scene. Attach little bits of the sheet magnet to the back of each piece so they stick to the fridge.
I made a “laundry day” scene…


… and a picnic dinner scene, complete with a little window box.


I mean really, how fun is this?! I can’t wait to make even more scenes. I was thinking a camping scene for summer, then a trick or treat scene for Fall and of course, some kind of Christmas scene for December. So many options!
Want to see it in action? I made a little movie because you HAVE to see the secret compartment in action.



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