Memory Box Christmas Ornament

Each year, my husband and I give each other an ornament. This year it was so fun to open up our decorations box and see all the special ornaments from years past. I have been searching starting before Halloween and could not find what I wanted. Then a few days ago I was wandering around Michael’s and saw these paper mache boxes. DING DING. The light went off in my head and I knew what I would do.

I covered the box in festive paper, slathered everything in Mod Modge and pieced together a poinsettia to go on top. The tag says, “Nine Memories from 2009.”

I wrote down nine of the biggest events of the year, rolled up each memory and put them inside the box.

My husband loved it. Wouldn’t it be neat to make one of these every year? Then 10 or 20 years from now, the tree would be covered in little boxes full of memories.


  1. LOVE this idea–it seriously made me feel emotional picturing what it would be like opening all of these boxes in the future when the children are grown and gone at the holidays. What a great idea!

    BTW, I can't remember how I linked into your blog, but I am loving it! You have such great ideas.


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