Modern Triangle Baby Quilt

I have been dying to share this quilt with you for weeks now. I made it for a friend who is having a baby any day. I gave it to her last night, so I can finally share it without ruining the surprise. Wanna see?
It’s a super modern triangle quilt! I am in love.
For the fabric, I chose Kona cotton in coral, two shades of that in-between-aqua-and-mint color, two shades of grey, white and navy. It’s backed with a coral chevron and bound with grey polka dots.


I’ve decided that quilting is a lot like being pregnant. It takes forever, is done with lots of love, and can be painful at times.
I decided to try machine quilting this quilt using a walking foot and I had some puckering issues. I think that because one side of the triangle was always cut on the bias, some of the fabric pulled funny as I sewed things together. And I tried a new binding technique that I have not mastered. It’s got flaws for sure. BUT it’s oh, so cheery and it’s got that heavy, divine feel that machine quilted quilts have. knowwhatimean?  It’s not perfect, but it is still beautiful.



  1. Jennifer;

    How much of each fabric did you require half a yard of each ? just to give me a idea ofow much I would require to make something as beautiful as yours 🙂

  2. How did you figure out the pattern for colors? Whenever I try making a triangle quilt my biggest obstacle is figuring out where to put each color.

    • I lay out all of the squares on the floor, then rearrange them over and over and over until nothing bugs me. It’s not a very scientific approach, but it’s what works for me. I agree though… it’s really hard to achieve a “random” pattern!


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