Re-purposed Cookie Tin

Don’t you just love a little project sometimes? I’ve been doing lots of big, complicated projects that have had me busy and sometimes frustrated. It’s nice to stop and do something small and easy every once in a while.
This part of our bookcase has always bothered me:
It’s where all the small, misfit kid books get stacked. They never look neat and tidy, they are always falling all over the place and it bugs me. So when I found this old cookie tin at Goodwill for 95 cents, I knew it was a good solution.

 I covered it in scrapbook paper using Mod Podge and now all those misfit books have a home.

Took me maybe an hour. But the bookshelf looks so much better.

Small problem, though… little fingers can’t pry the lid off the box. So I grabbed a 50 cent knob from the Restore (love that place!) and covered the wooden center to match. Then I measured and marked two holes on the lid and yikes used a power tool, oh yes I did! I drilled two holes and screwed the knob onto the lid. Tah dah!

I love how it turned out! Function and style. On the cheap. That’s how we roll around here.


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