So are the kids driving you crazy yet? A few days ago, I sat down with my neices and nephews and cut snowflakes for over an hour. We had so much fun. If you are willing to vacuum up all the scraps after, cutting snowflakes could keep your kids occupied all afternoon.
Here’s the way I fold them: 1. Fold a triangle.
2. Fold a second triangle.

3. Fold each side together so they meet at the tip and the half-way line.

4. Fold it in on itself again.

5. Cut the end off where the smallest part of the paper is (so you don’t forget and have a messed up snowflake later.)

6. Cut lots of designs. The more intricate the better. Here are some we made:

You can even cut shapes! See the angel, star, snowman, holly leaves and tree?

Hope you have a great Christmas break!


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