Taco Gift Card Holder

Give money or a gift card in style with this awesome free printable taco themed gift card holder.

taco gift card holder
Sometimes the best gifts are money or a gift card, especially for people you may not know particularly well. But giving a gift card doesn’t have to be boring. Why not give money in a creative way?
That’s where this taco card comes in handy. Whether you’re looking for a graduation gift, a teacher appreciation gift or a birthday gift for a teenager, the taco card is where it’s at because 1) it’s funny 2) it’s unique and 3) who doesn’t like tacos?!
It’s super easy to make your own taco card. Here’s how:

Step 1

Download the free printable file below and print it onto white cardstock.
printable cards

Step 2

Cut out the two taco pieces. There is a very faint line across the bottom of the taco fillings to show you where to cut.
taco gift card holder tutorial

Step 3

Fold the yellow circle in half along the white line so that the color is on the outside and it’s plain white inside.
creative card ideas

Step 4

Cover the white half-circle part of the taco filling piece with glue and press it to the inside front of the taco shell. The flat bottom part should line up with the folded bottom of the taco and the colorful side should be able to be seen on the same side as the words.
how to make a taco shaped card
And that’s how simple it is to make this cute card. Print, cut, glue and bam! You’ve got the perfect gift card holder with a place to write a sweet message inside.

creative ways to give money

Who do you know that needs this funny card? I’m thinking of my young adult brother… he’ll get a kick out of it!
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