Thrift Store Christmas Centerpiece Remake

I’ve been wanting to get a nice Christmas floral arrangement for the kitchen table, but have you ever shopped for them? Whoa! Waaayyyyy to pricey for this cheap chick! So when I saw a sad, outdated arrangement at a local thrift store, I decided to bring it home and see if I could transform it:

I chose it because it had a sturdy metal base and lots of pine garland. And it was $2. Awesome!

 First step was to rip out the broken presents, those weird gold rope loops, and the outdated ball/pine cone/berry picks. Oh… and the blue “$1.99” price tag. Then I was left with a pretty great base. The perfect starting point!

I dug through my box of silk flowers and found red velvet flowers, poinsettias, a few holly berries and some green sparkly leaf thingies (that’s the technical term, you know.) I shoved them into the existing foam and wha-la! Transformation!

But when I stuck it on my table, the proportion seemed off. So…. I added a dollar store glass vase to the center and did a little more rearranging…

…and now it can hold a candle!

 I love the extra height and drama that the glass adds. And it will be so pretty when the candle is lit.

$2 for the greenery and $1 for the glass? Not bad, not bad! Even if you had to buy a few flowers, it would still be much cheaper than the centerpieces I’ve seen in stores.

 Now it’s time for you to run to your local thrift store and make one for yourself!


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