Wood Truck Craft with Seasonal Inserts

This unpainted wood truck craft kit comes with a wooden truck and truck bed inserts that swap out for different seasons and holidays.

wood truck wall decor with interchangeable pieces

I saw these wooden truck craft kits at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago and had to snag one because I just think it’s so clever how they made the cargo in the truck bed interchangeable. Now that’s junk in the truck I can get behind! LOL.

hobby lobby wood truck craft kit

I used regular craft paint and a small paintbrush for some parts of the designs and alcohol ink markers for the other parts. The alcohol ink is a little bit see-through, so you can layer colors and create some interesting effects.

It was a fun and relaxing craft. I just worked on them little by little until they were painted to my liking.

wood painting craft idea

The truck bed has two little slats hidden behind the lip of the truck bed and each of the seasonal inserts has two little pegs sticking out of the bottom. To attach the insert, just slide the two pegs into the holes and the insert will sit nicely in the truck bed.

I plan to attach my truck to the center of a leafy wreath. It’ll be a cute decoration I can leave up all year and just switch out the different holiday pieces.

Happy crafting!


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