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Free Crochet Pattern: Chunky Stairstep Throw Pillow

I have fallen head over heals for knitting and crochet. It's so relaxing to sit and work on a project and it's portable so I can take it with me in the car or at the park with my kids or to a friend's house.

I loved the first crocheted pillow I made so much that I decided to try another variation. This time I used a fun crochet stitch that is full of texture and has a stairstep pattern. I LOVE how it turned out and because I used extra bulky yarn, the project came together really quickly.

Want to make one too? I'll start with the full written pattern, then I'll walk you through the pattern step-by-step with pictures!

Modern Textured Crochet Pillow

Materials Needed: (affiliate links included for your conveniece)

This pattern fits an 18 inch pillow form.


Row 1: ch 6, DC in 4th ch from hook, DC in next 2 spaces
Row 2: ch 6, DC in 4th ch from hook, DC in next 2 spaces, flip (see video below), (sl st, ch 3, 3 dc) in ch-3 sp of previous row
Row 3: ch 6, DC in 4th ch from hook, DC in next 2 ch spaces, *(sl st, ch 3, 3 DC) in next ch-3 sp of previous row; rep from * twice; turn
Row 4: ch 6, DC in 4th ch from hook, DC in next 2 ch spaces, *(sl st, ch 3, 3 DC) in next ch-3 sp of previous row; rep from * three times; turn
Rows 5-9: Continue the pattern of increasing 1 block on each row until there are 9 blocks across, or enough squares to fit the size of your pillow form.


Rows 10-18: slip st across first 3 DC, * (slip st, ch 3, 3 DC) in next ch-3 space of previous row; repeat from * to last ch-3 space; slip st in last ch-3 space; turn. Repeat until you’ve completed the square.

Fasten off.

Repeat pattern to make a second square for the back of the pillow.

The last step is to sew the front and back squares together. Using yarn threaded through the blunt tip needle,  whip stitch around three sides of the squares. Insert pillow form. Finish stitching across the fourth side. Tie off and tuck in ends.

Crochet Pillow Photo Tutorial:

Ch 6. DC into 4th ch from hook.

DC into next 2 spaces

Ch 6. DC into 4th ch from hook.

DC in next 2 stitches. FLIP (see video at the end of post).

Sl st in corner of first square. Ch 3.

3 DC.

Ch 6.

DC into 4th ch from hook.

DC in next 2 stitches. FLIP.

Sl st into corner of round 2 square.

Continue increasing pattern until you have nine rows.

To decrease, sl st across top three stitches.

ch 3, 3 DC, sl st

 Continue decreasing pattern…

… until you have a completed square.

Create a second square in the same manner as the first.

Sandwich the two squares together and whip stitch three sides together.

Insert pillow form, then whip stitch fourth side closed.

Tie off ends and weave in.

There’s really only one tricky instruction in this crochet pillow pattern, so I’ve included a short video to show you how to do the FLIP required at the beginning of each new row.

  I hope you enjoy your new pillow! Happy Crafting!
The Craft Patch
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  1. That is a very cute pillow. Love it.

  2. This looks great and I'm going to give it a try. Wondered what weight of balls of wool needed for the pattern. Thanks

    1. I'm not sure about weight, but I used about 250 yards of extra bulky yarn. Hope that helps!

  3. hi I love this stitch yet I am struggling with decrease. the video will not play for me. I count 9*9 on the pictured project. Perhaps why my decrease is looking quite different? any help is greatly appreciated! thanks so much, angie

    1. Angie, maybe you could send me a picture of your project so I have more of an idea of what's happening. Find my Facebook page ( and post a picture there and I'll see if I can help you.

  4. I have the same problem as Angie. If I sl st across the top 3 (when finished with the increases) I end up at the straight edge and not the top of the "stepped" edge. Then the instructions just fall apart & don't jive with what's ahead of the hook.

  5. Hi I love the look of this. Are the instructions UK or american?

  6. could you use 2 strands of yarn together to make a bulky yarn? Super cute and easy, what could you use in place of the pillow form? where i live, not much here. and on a tight budget...Happy to hear your answer! Thank you for sharing the pattern.:)

    1. Annette, YES! You can definitely use two strands of yarn together. If you don't have a pillow form, you could sew two squares together, leaving a hole for stuffing, then fill it with batting... or old fabric scraps or grocery bags or anything else you think might work.

  7. I was eyeing this pattern for quite a long time, I really liked how it looked. But was a bit afraid it would be too complicated for me, since the result looks so advanced and I'm quite a beginner at crocheting. But, two days ago I decided to give it a try, and today I am super happy with my brand new, amazing pillow cover! Very easy pattern (the pictures and video were great help!), worked up very quickly and looks soooo nice! Thank you so much for it!!! x

    1. Congratulations, Marubi! I'm so glad you gave it a try. It feels great to create, don't you think?

    2. Thanks^^ It sure does, I love watching how something neat is taking shape right under my hands :D Is it OK to make more pillows with your pattern and give them away as gifts? With credit, of course :) x

    3. Awesome, thanks again! :) x


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