Cross Stitch Embroidered Pencil Cup

 I’ve been wanting to try an unconventional cross stitch project for quite some time now. Have you seen the cool things people do, like embroidering a big chair or even a wall? I think it’s so creative! I decided to start with something small since I really don’t do much embroidery. Here’s my attempt at an out-of-the-hoop cross stitch project, a pencil cup!

I found this cup at the dollar store, but they sell them almost anywhere that sells office supplies. The mesh holes just screamed, “embroider me” so I did!
I used this cross stitch chart as a loose pattern:
Search for cross stitch patterns and you’ll find a ton of cute options. I had to modify the shape of my stitches to fit on the diamond shaped mesh. Instead of doing little X patterns, I just looped the stitches around the mesh. 

As long as you do all of the stitches the same, it looks pretty good! Here’s a little close up:

To finish, I used a little bit of fabric glue to tack down the end strings so they wouldn’t show or come loose during use. And that’s all it took to make an embroidered pencil cup. Don’t you think everyone needs an embroidered pencil cup in their life?!

This was such a fun little project! I loved using some of the embroidery thread in my stash and creating something unique for my office. If you give it a try, send me a pic and I’ll share it on my Facebook page!


  1. I like this so I am going to try it on old fireplace scream. I will be doing fairy's then put it front of a arch way hope to keep my dog out my fairy garden space I made in my back yard


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