15 Minute Kitchen Backsplash Makeover

We live in a rental home, which is great when the water heater goes out or something expensive breaks. But it does cramp my ability to decorate. Some day soon we’ll buy a home, but for now, I am coming up with creative ways to update our rental without spending a lot or making permanent changes.
Today’s project was so cheap and easy, with such a big impact, that I wish I had thought of it long ago!
Problem: We have hunter green laminate countertops and a big section of green backsplash behind our stove. I loath it. It’s old, chipped, and a totally outdated color. Here it is:

Solution: I bought a roll of non-permanent contact paper from Dollar Tree (available HERE).

I trimmed it to the right size, then stuck it up, right over the green backsplash. Then I used an old spatula to smooth out any bubbles and trimmed the sides with a razor blade.

Check out the major impact this $1, fifteen minute change made:

Yay! A little less hunter green in my kitchen makes me a very happy woman! And when it comes time to move, it will peel right off. Three cheers for contact paper!


  1. Love the idea. Just wondering if it will easily peel off after time. It seems like the heat from the stove may make the backing quite gummy and a mess to clean up. Here's to hoping I am wrong! 🙂


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