40 Sucks Birthday Present

It’s my brother-in-law’s 40th birthday this week and of course there has been a little teasing going on. Okay, a lot of teasing. So I decided to make him a very special present.

I punched 40 holes into the lid of a small cardboard box using this tool:

If you haven’t used one before, this is a handy little tool. The tip is interchangeable and you just place the tool where you want the hole, then tap the end with a hammer until it punches through. Now you can punch holes anywhere on a paper, not just as far in as your hole punch will reach.
Anyway, back to the project…

After making 40 holes, I covered everything with scrapbook paper, stuck 40 Chupa Chups into those 40 holes, and made the signs. Easy present, but it seriously cracks me up.

And have you ever had a Chupa Chup sucker? They are tasty!

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