A Peek Inside My Home This Christmas

I love visiting friends at Christmas to see all of their decorations and the traditions that accompany so many things at Christmas time. So I thought I would let you all have a little peek inside my home. I am keeping it real today…my home would not be confused with a Pottery Barn catalog. And I am okay with that. It’s homey, cheerful, and full of love and great memories. So without further ado…

Since I was a young girl, my grandma has made a Christmas ornament for me every year. Many of the ornaments on this tree are from her. My husband and I also get each other an ornament each year. It has become something I treasure…we try to pick something that summarizes our year or reminds us of something fun we did that year. I love pulling out the ornaments and reminiscing over each one. It makes me remember what a great life I have had and how much I love my husband.

This is our little Christmas village. We buy one piece for it each year and write the date on the bottom of it. My husband and I have both always wanted a village, so we decided to make it happen. It has been such a fun tradition!

This year I hung our stockings on the armoire in the front room. These stockings are so special. My mother-in-law knits one for each new member of the family. Each stocking has the person’s name on one side and their birth year on the other side. She knitted my husband’s stocking when he was born. When I joined the family, I had a stocking waiting for me. When each of the grandchildren is born, she knits a new stocking for their first Christmas. When the whole family is together, it is SO cool to have 30+ stockings that all go together. Even when we aren’t able to be together for Christmas, we are tied together in this small way. Or maybe I should say we are “knit” together. Haha.

Thanks for joining me for a little glimpse of some of my Christmas treasures. Hope your home is filled with love and joy this year!


  1. It is all lovely. I especially like how your village is arranged. It looks very "hilly". Mine is all flat so this gives me a great idea…for next year. No way am I redoing mine now!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love, love, love your tree and stockings. They ooze with sentimentality and love. That is what Christmas is about, not those picture perfect matching decorations that are pretty but sterile of feeling. Those stockings. Adorable aswell as the story behind them.


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