A Tea Party!

A few months ago, I acquired a sparkly, vintage silver gown at a free clothing swap.
Call me crazy, but I thought it was too cool to not come home with me. But when does a housewife ever have a chance to wear a gown? Especially a vintage over-the-top gown? Yeah, not ever. So naturally, I decided to make an occasion to wear it. I decided to throw a tea party!
First, I sent out invitations:
Originally, I thought each person could bring a tea cup with her since I didn’t own a tea set. But fate struck and I found 16 tea cups with matching saucers at a local thrift store. $8 later and I was the proud owner of these little beauties:

I made a few pom poms with tissue paper from Dollar Tree, mixed in some purchased paper lanterns and honeycomb balls that I got on clearance, and hung them from the ceiling with string and thumb tacks like a chandelier, right above the table.

 I also hung vintage lace streamers from the “chandelier” to the corners of the room.

My  friends brought lovely little finger foods:

We had coconut petit fours, berry scones, plum bars, mini cheesecakes, raspberry mini cream pies, caprese skewers, a vegetable tray with delicious homemade dip, and sparkling pink lemonade (since none of us really love actual tea).
I was in such a rush to complete my vintage hairstyle and finish the last minute details that I didn’t get a photo of my dress or of the table. And I am forbidden from posting pictures of the actual event. Let’s just say that the girls who came had great costumes and may not want their pictures circulated around the internet. Lots of sequins, hair pieces, lipstick, high heals and jewelry. It was such a fun night and a great break from the mundane day-to-day.
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    • Aww, thanks! I had plans of doing just that, but I was so far behind on the day of the party that I didn't take the time to get any photos. I even had my hair done up in a vintage hairstyle! I wish I had just stopped everything and made time for a picture. Next time, next time.

    • I found a teapot image that I liked and printed it out. Then I cut the patterned paper by hand using the image as a pattern. I designed the wording and border in Photoshop, printed those out, trimmed around the border, then attached them to the teapot with ribbon threaded through hole punches. I still have the wording and the teapot that I can send to you if you need it. 🙂

        • Sorry Dustie… the computer I used to make these years ago crashed and I lost all data, so I can’t send you the template. But if you Google “teapot silhouette” you can print out the tea pot shape. Sorry about that!

  1. Oh, what a dress! It's a shame there's no photo of you wearing it!
    The invitations look really great also, you are very talented in making parties beautiful 🙂

  2. I'm having a tea party for my sweet sixteen and I love your invitations!!! I saw you replied to someone else's comment that you could send them the template and wording you used, and I would be so grateful if you could share them with me! I love this post, thanks for all the inspiration for my party!

  3. Hi my name is Helen. Will you be so kind to send me your template for thiz tea ticket. Our charity plan to held a breakfast tea. Thank you so much


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