American Girl Doll Pajamas

Yesterday I showed you “the basics” that I made for my daughter’s American Girl (knock-off) doll HERE. We decided that next she needed some pajamas. I used the Molly’s Pajamas pattern found HERE, but made it seem more modern by choosing purple zebra flannel with contrasting ricrac and buttons.
clothes for American Girl Doll

Cute pajamas, but to me the accessories take it to the next level. A little sleeping mask, just for fun:

how to make american girl doll clothes

And slippers, of course! I used THIS pattern and made them from aqua felt, but I added an elastic strap with the little pom pom on top to help the shoes stay on.

Free Printable American Girl Doll Clothes Patterns


  1. This is so cute, she just looks gorgeous in her new jammies and slippers. I used to sew and knit clothes for my daughters dolls, I now have five grandsons and no granddaughters, I can't imagine sewing clothes for super hero dolls ha ha I don't think that would be cool. Best wishes Wendy

  2. Hi my grandaughter just received one of these dolls for her birthday and I would love to make the pjs but we can't find the pattern . Thank you

    • I went back into the post and increased the font size of the link to the pajama pattern. Click on the word "HERE" and it will open a new window. On that page, there are six different images of dolls. Click on the one that is in the bottom right corner. This should start an automatic download of several "Molly" clothing patterns and I used the pajamas from this set. Hope that helps!

  3. I am in the process of doing the pajama top and I am confused about step 5. Do you have pictures of the steps? I have the collar sewn and now can’t seem to figure out how the back fits in because the shoulder width is to large to connect it. Maybe I misunderstood a step.

    • Sorry Ivy, I don’t have a photo tutorial and it’s been so long since I made this that I don’t know if I can remember the steps.

  4. Every pattern I have seen for American Girl has set-in sleeves; and am looking for raglan sleeves as
    they are so much easier. Has anyone seen any of these?

    • Hi Carol, have you tried making these sleeves? They are not actually set in like you would do for people. You sew the seems all at once, so it’s actually very simple and very much like how a raglan sleeve is set. I think you’ll see how easy it is if you give it a try!

  5. Thank you so much for this! Do you have a picture of the sleeve process? I am a beginner at sewing and am fearful of attatching them wrong šŸ¤¦ please help šŸ™


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